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YouTube Studio is the new home for everything you need to grow your channel, interact with your audience and make money as a creator.

By the way, you will see fewer features than you used to in the Creator Studio Classic, so you might need to use the creator studio once in a while for other things, but over time, you should begin to see more features added to the YouTube Studio.

YouTube studio dashboard

The image above shows the videos page of the YouTube Studio, the main overview of your contents. YouTube has made it easier to interact with your videos. So, you can edit, delete, download and get the link to your video by clicking on the 3 dots that appear beside the video title when you hover your cursor on it.

You can edit your video’s title and description without leaving the page. By clicking on a particular video’s thumbnail (see below), you will be able to see all the information (over a period) about that video, the analytics and comments.

Video Information

The Analytics section gives you a view of your video’s overall health. Note that the analytics page is dynamic as YouTube will be rolling out more features over time.

Features like end-screens and cards are only available in the creator studio for now, so by clicking on Missing Features, you will be able to access these features.

To make YouTube Studio your default experience, click on “Set as default studio” on the menu.

For a rundown of what the features of YouTube Studio offer, check here.