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Horll - ‎Horlloffame (Official Audio)

Horll – ‎Horlloffame

Nigerian Singer/Songwriter, Akinseyi Olamide aka Horll releases his first body of work (E.P) titled “HORLLOFFAME” under the supervision of MAKESENSE Musik. The E.P consist of 6 songs, a conscious body of work mixed with different genres of music including afrobeat, hip-hop and dancehall. The HORLLOFFAME E.P is a sign that Horll is here to stay in the Nigerian music scene and is not planning to leave anytime soon. Enjoy this lovely delivered sound. 
 Track list:
Track 1 – Lust (Prod by Francis Brio, M&M by Wire Mix) 
Track 2 – Wonder (Prod by Francis Brio, M&M by Wire Mix) 
Track 3  – Wanted (M&M by Wire mix) 
Track 4 – HOF Vibes (M&M by Wire mix) 
Track 5 – Holy Pass (Prod by Francis Brio, M&M by Wire Mix) 
Track 6 – Debt (M&M by Wire mix

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It is the season of giving and Freeme Digital is here for you with our Valentine Special

All you need to do is buy a Gold Pro Distribution Package and get an Ice Cream Voucher!!!

To stand a chance all you have to do is


  • Walk into the Freeme Space
  • Buy a Gold Pro Distribution Package
  • Get a N3,000 Ice Cream Voucher
  • It is that simple.

Offer available for the first 10 people and runs from 14 February to 21 February



For more enquiries call: 08035249080 or 08179905358

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2Baba - Mama Di Mama

2Baba – Mama Di Mama

Music Icon, 2Baba presents a brand new song titled “Mama” to celebrate all the superwoman in the world.

It looks like this festive season is for the real women (the Mamas), first it was OBO, Davido that served us with his last single of the year “Wonder Woman” and now Legend 2Baba comes through with a new single he tagged “Mama” also to appreciate the superwomen and thank his Mama (Wife and mother) for the cares and protection.


Click Here To Listen…

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FreeMe Digital's "Christmas Combo" 2018

FreeMe Digital’s “Christmas Combo” 2018

Freeme Digital is here again with another bigger, better and rebranded amazing giveaway promo for the festive season. Specially designed for upcoming professional musicians to boost their career.

We present to you Freeme Digital’s “Christmas Combo” 2018!
All you have to do is simply subscribe to our  “Gold Pro” package for just NGN25,000 and you stand a chance to go home with an amazing Christmas package.
To participate, Call 08035249080. Terms and Conditions apply.
Freeme Digital – Get Heard, Get Bought and Get Paid.

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Today, there has been a shift in the way people make names for themselves in the industry. Instead of trying to impress top music executives, the focus is now mostly on building a dedicated online fanbase – gaining an effective social media presence which in turn helps artists gain exposure in the public eye. Industry influencers have access to a large number of audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and they have become arguably more influential than some music firms.

How To Build The Right Relationship With Industry Influencers

Get involved with the right influencer: In building relationships with influencers to grow your career, you need to first take time to do some research and find the influencer in line with your music to ensure your messages are getting in front of the right audience who will actually be interested in what you’re promoting… otherwise, it might just be a waste of effort.

Offer something worth the while: It’s never a good idea to approach an influencer with a “take-only” state of mind. The partnership needs to be of mutual benefit. Be upfront from the beginning and let them know what you’re offering and why it is of value to them, also remember to promise only things that you can fulfill because that can come back to bite you easily.

Don’t bug them: A lot of these influencers are usually on a tight schedule, so it is wise and very important not to act desperate when you’re contacting them for an issue. If they don’t reply after your follow-up attempt, then it’s time to let go, as they’re probably not that into you.

Build and Nurture the Relationships: You can approach influencers the same way you network by targeting a few carefully selected people to build close working relationships with over time. The best influencer partnerships are long-term, which means keeping in regular contact so that the next time you need a favor, they’d be happy to help.

Influencers currently have one of the most powerful audiences, with legions of loyal followers interested in the kind of songs they listen to. By following these simple rules, you’ll quickly master the tips and strategies of building a lasting relationship with Industry Influencers.


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Music Business and Drinks With Freeme Digital

Music Business and Drinks With Freeme Digital

Freeme Digital invite you to the first edition of Freeme Digital’s ‘Music Business Over Drinks’.

This hangout is aimed at deeply educating artists, content creators and creative executives like yourself, about the dynamics of music distribution and to help address the underlying issues that are critical to your success in the Nigerian Music Business.

This will also be an opportunity to learn new industry tricks, network with other creative experts and basically have a fun Friday evening with like minds.

Date: November 30, 2018
Time: 4pm
Venue: The Freeme Space
Address: Plot 16A / Block 139A Nike Art Gallery Road, Ikate – Elegushi, Lekki, Lagos

If you’d be interested in coming, kindly reply to this mail so we can make reservations for you

I excitedly look forward to hearing from you.

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Music Business

More Music Business Tips That can ‘UP’ Your Game in the Music Industry

Merely getting by in the “music game” these days is not enough to stay relevant, to achieve true success, you have to be willing to switch it up and stay on top of your game. To this, we will be sharing a few tips that can help you stay relevant in today’s music industry from some of the greatest in the field.

  • Focus on what Works: “We are no longer subject to what was, only to what works. We can honor what came before us, but at the same time, we have to be constantly aware of how fast this new generation moves. The new does not have to be scary and it’s allotted less risky than it ever was. It just looks radically different than it ever did and we have to embrace that. Yesterday’s fans are not coming back and so we should simply stop trying to find them.” – Benji Rogers, CEO, Pledge Music
  • Pay Attention to Details: “Treat everyone that comes into contact with you with as much interest and interact with them as much as you can manage. You will be amazed at how your one extra minute of attention will compound and contribute to your future.”– Ariel Hyatt, President, Cyber PR
  • Business is not about Money: “Business is not about money. It’s about making dreams come true for others and for yourself. Making a company is a great way to improve the world while improving yourself.”
    – Derek Sivers, Founder, CD Baby
  • Your Biggest Challenges aren’t those in the Industry: “Don’t let your perception of who you think you are limit who you can become. Your biggest challenges aren’t those within the industry, they’re the walls you build in front of yourself with limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, fear of the unknown, and having the wrong priorities. Fill your days with an endless pursuit of chasing your passion, taking tiny steps each day to push you progress further, and your persistence will pay its rewards. Exceed expectations, be remarkable… and people will notice.”
    – Brian Thompson, Founder, Thorny Bleeder & The DIY Daily
  • Listen to your Customers, not critics: “Listen to your customers, not your critics. Only invest your efforts into something you enjoy, and don’t outsource anything until you fully understand the principles of that task yourself.” – Lee Parsons, CEO, Ditto Music
  • Follow your own path, not others: “Know your competition but focus on your own product and how it can be best delivered to achieve market fit. Follow your own path and not others, everyone achieves success in different ways. “. – Stan Mcleod, Co-founder, Bandwagon

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