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One of the most recurring phenomena since existence has been Evolution & Change. Due to the constant change in human needs, sectors & industries are always forced to initiate new trends. Much like any other industry, the music industry has experienced evolution from what it used to be, especially with the rise of technology in music, which has birthed different music apps like; Shazam, Google Play, Instrumental and so on…. 

Just recently, Instagram announced a new feature – one that will give users the ability to add lyrics to their Instagram Stories. This feature will allow users to decide if they want to display song lyrics on screen and will give them the ability to edit the text style, animation, and other features. 

Other than helping users get accustomed to Music lyrics, the feature also serves as another Music Marketing tool. It helps artists connect with their fans, build buzz around their music, and it lets the world know what they’re up to. With it, artists can share their songs and let the fans spread the word about their favorite line(s) in a song. 

Here is how to get lyrics on your Instagram stories

1. Sign Up for Facebook & Instagram Monetization / MusixMatch: This is a free opt-in feature for Artistes that helps them get paid when their music is used across those social platforms.  It’s an easy process, and by granting them the permission to add your music to their Audio Library, your music will be eligible for all the great new features they roll out.

2. Get verified as an artist on MusixMatch: MusixMatch is the service that delivers lyric data to Instagram so the words can be paired with the music. You’ll need to do THREE important things on MusixMatch before Instagram will list your lyrics.

  • You need to sign up as a Verified Artist on MusixMatch. This will allow you to upload your lyrics to Facebook’s library. Click Here To Get Verified..
  • Once you have a MusixMatch Verified Artist account, Start adding lyrics for all your songs. Make sure you proofread any lyrics that might’ve been entered.
  • Sync your lyrics with the music using MusixMatch.

3. Share Your Story with Lyrics: Now that you have created your Verified Artiste account and synced your lyrics with your songs, you can now go on to share on your story. Instagram provided some step by step directions below:

  • Once in “Story” mode, add lyrics by selecting the ‘music’ sticker from the sticker tray after taking your photo or video.
  • Choose a song and use the scrubber tool to select the part of the song that best captures the moment you’re sharing. The scrubber will also enable you to find the lyrics of the exact part of the song you want.
  • Pick between different lyrics, animations, font designs and colors. Move, resize and rotate the lyrics to share your story.
  • Fans that watch your story will see the lyrics pop up as the music plays. When they tap on the lyrics, they’ll see a sticker with the song title and artist name that links to the artist’s Instagram profile.

Note:  Instagram is still adding lyrics every day, so if your song lyrics aren’t available even after signing up for Facebook & Instagram Monetization, don’t fret! They’ll be made available as soon as the songs are imported to Instagram (This could take up to a week).

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Ever heard a new song (on radio or any music streaming platform) and something about that song sounds familiar? May not necessarily be a cover of an old song, but perhaps it used a well-known bass line, kick pattern or even repackaged into a new arrangement – much like how Olamide did with his “Anifowoshe” song, originally written by K1 The Ultimate. Even though it might be subtle or unnoticed, so long as there is a traceable semblance, it is called SAMPLING.

Music Sampling is simply the act/art of reusing specific portion(s) of a sound recording in another recording. These may include; melodies, lyrics, instrumentals / beats or rhythm. It is the process of incorporating a portion from a previously recorded song into a brand new song.

If adequate permission or clearance isn’t granted before use, the act of sampling can subject a creator to potential liability for copyright infringement; hence, it is advised that adequate approval or permission is sought before us. There are two(2) major types of clearance/permission. These are;

  • Clearance from the copyright owner of the Song (from Music Publisher)
  • Clearance from copyright owner of the Sound Recording (from Record Company)

The positives that go with music sampling can not go unnoticed. Among which are; the flexibility it offers musicians when making music, it encourages innovations as well as generating interest in the original content. Our take is this; the positive features accompanying the creative aspect of sampling outweigh any negative repercussions, as long as copyright infringement can be avoided.

Watch this space for more enlightenment on Music Sampling…

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Hey there…On today’s Music Sense, We’d be highlighting some tips to maximize the use of your Facebook page. In a time when not much importance is placed on having a Facebook page with the vast majority going on Instagram or Twitter to source information or other related content. The question then is; Do you still need a Facebook page? Emphatically YES!! Amongst many other reasons, Facebook offers a very large audience, with over 1. 23 billion monthly users and can potentially be that platform where your content gains the traction you desire. But for some reason, lots of artists don’t optimize their Facebook pages. Below are some often ignored components of a Facebook page that are easy to customize, and can have an impact on your page’s usefulness.

Having a cover video on your page is a very good way to create the fan engagement you desire. Best practice is; a 20-90 second video right at the top of your page. The video starts playing automatically whenever someone visits your page. The video should convey your art, brand, message, and any other thing about your artistry. Make sure the audio quality of the video is good too- it’s an added advantage, just in case the user un-mutes you!

Want to sell CDs or gigs?  Promote your latest release or website? Start a conversation and enjoy massive engagements?… make sure the big blue C.T.A. (Call-To-Action) button right at the top of your Facebook page reflects that priority. Remember, it’s all the more important to drive action NOW because you can’t tell if the visitor will ever visit your page.

Many artists are guilty of not filling out the ‘ABOUT’ section of their profile. This gives you the opportunity to sell yourself and your craft to your audience. Hence, satisfying the curiosity of visiting audience and creating a better connection between you and your audience. Our counsel is; Fill it out. Rock it.!!

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In our previous post, we shared a little on some essential items that should make it into your checklist in the new year (Click here to read..). Today, we’ll be discussing a little more along those lines. Here, we’d be sharing some perks Freeme Digital offers that are worth including in your checklist for 2019:

Artist / Label Spotlights: Have a new release you are looking to push? We offer Artist and Label spotlights on a weekly basis, featuring our clients’ music and some of the outstanding music labels partnering with us. This offers coverage and recognition to the craft of our clients. If interested, you can reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know of any special projects, releases coming up and we can coordinate a feature.

Freeme New Music Release Friday: We love to bring fresh and new music to the forefront by featuring some of the latest releases from the Freeme Digital community. These releases are featured all throughout our social media channels, the freeme blog and are also included into our Vibe360 Afrobeat Top of the Chart playlist across all digital platforms. This offers your music the necessary awareness it needs to be a household anthem. You should be looking to get your music featured here.

The Freeme Space: Ever heard about our state-of-the-art facility that has played host to some of the dopest events in the entertainment space in recent times? The FreeMe Space offers global standard equipment and facilities and is an ideal location for those in need of a; soundstage, photography studio, audio studio, conference room, cafe and very sophisticated music video set. You should be looking to The Freeme Space as the perfect location for all your musical exploits, this year and beyond.

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This new year, we want to see you flourish in your musical/artistic pursuits; to this, we have put together some essential items that should make it into your checklist as an artist in 2019. We hope this will help you achieve that long desired break in your musical career.

Have a Marketing Plan/Goal for the Year:

This year, start out with creating a strategy map that will guide your activities for the year; starting every project with an airtight marketing plan. Whether you’re just starting out or need to plan for the next level, it’s important to have an effective marketing plan. It’s a sure way to deliberately set yourself up for success.

Monetize your Music:

In 2019, make it a duty to monetize your music across all platforms. As you know, millions of Dollars are generated on a daily basis from streaming platforms and you can benefit from this too. With the sporadic growth experienced among streaming platforms and millions of active subscribers recorded daily, getting your music monetized on these platforms is a no-brainer if you plan to stand strong in this new year.

Monetizing your content on streaming platforms presents you with a rare opportunity to make your music available to the millions of subscribers registered on these platforms and also make some money from it while doing so.

Optimize your Online Presence:

In 2019, endeavor to improve your efficiency and engagement on all digital platforms – be it the social networks, streaming platforms, and all related platforms. Having trouble gaining views, subscribers, likes, follows, or more recognition? We can help with that. Let us analyze your overall brand, creative content, and social media presence. We’d love to help you develop a custom strategy that works for you.

Create/Update Your Artist Profile on All Major Music Platforms:     

It’s of great essence to create or update your profile across all music platforms. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have clear messages and visuals that best describes your personal brand and then have it replicated on your artist profiles. Consistency is very important in this situation as branding has become more important than ever in this digital age. Make it a point of duty to update your profile across all music platforms as you progress in your career to keep your followers up to date.

Taking cognizance of these steps and finding creative ways to execute them proactively will surely get you on the right track to achieving success in 2019. Follow this space for some other items that should make your checklist in 2019.

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Sequel to our previous posts on Brand Awareness, here are a few more tips on how to up your game with regards to your personal brand as an artist. Your brand should be considered as a bigger part of who you are and what your music is. It should be respected and nurtured just like any other valued artistic element. Artist branding is about taking your music and channeling its energy through a consistent visual style and identity.

Here are a few ways you can improve/build your brand as an artist:

Create a consistent brand identity:

Get yourself some eye-catching graphics and art cover that you can use as your promotional materials for your website and social media accounts. A strong brand identity can help to develop a strong brand awareness. If you want your music to be recognized, you need to have an eye-catching brand to help you be instantly recognizable and stand out, and if they look cool, people will be more willing buy things that have your brand logo on them like a shirt with your brand logo on it.

Create something your audience will love:

To truly have a lucrative career, you must create music the audience wants to hear. To be successful in this, you need to act as your own CEO so people don’t think you are being pushed around. Creating a strong and unique brand is very essential to help channel your passion in finding the right sound, genre, image, and target the right audience for the music you create. Your music brand is no different than any other, so it’s vital that you do adequate market research to know how to satisfy your audience.

Engage with your audience:

Build relationships online by commenting on others’ posts, asking questions about your followers to learn more about them, sharing others’ content and tag them for extra cross-promotional benefits and replying to anything positive. Would help create more awareness for your brand.



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Today, there has been a shift in the way people make names for themselves in the industry. Instead of trying to impress top music executives, the focus is now mostly on building a dedicated online fanbase – gaining an effective social media presence which in turn helps artists gain exposure in the public eye. Industry influencers have access to a large number of audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and they have become arguably more influential than some music firms.

How To Build The Right Relationship With Industry Influencers

Get involved with the right influencer: In building relationships with influencers to grow your career, you need to first take time to do some research and find the influencer in line with your music to ensure your messages are getting in front of the right audience who will actually be interested in what you’re promoting… otherwise, it might just be a waste of effort.

Offer something worth the while: It’s never a good idea to approach an influencer with a “take-only” state of mind. The partnership needs to be of mutual benefit. Be upfront from the beginning and let them know what you’re offering and why it is of value to them, also remember to promise only things that you can fulfill because that can come back to bite you easily.

Don’t bug them: A lot of these influencers are usually on a tight schedule, so it is wise and very important not to act desperate when you’re contacting them for an issue. If they don’t reply after your follow-up attempt, then it’s time to let go, as they’re probably not that into you.

Build and Nurture the Relationships: You can approach influencers the same way you network by targeting a few carefully selected people to build close working relationships with over time. The best influencer partnerships are long-term, which means keeping in regular contact so that the next time you need a favor, they’d be happy to help.

Influencers currently have one of the most powerful audiences, with legions of loyal followers interested in the kind of songs they listen to. By following these simple rules, you’ll quickly master the tips and strategies of building a lasting relationship with Industry Influencers.


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Many artists have set their goals and their career path based on common music industry misconceptions. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on some of these misconceptions so that you don’t spend countless time and money chasing a dream that may not come close to meeting your expectations. These are some of the top myths about the music industry:

  1. The Problem of One Hit Wonders:

There are lots of very talented artists who have had a few hits and are still starving today. Hit or no hit, if you’re not signed to a large label, all of the booking, marketing, recording, and business responsibilities fall on you. Knowing how to capitalize on a small window of fame is a skill on its own. You can command a little more money for gigs, but you still need to bear the responsibility of making meaning out of your career from that one hit: again, all of the booking, marketing, recording, and business responsibilities must not be neglected.

  1. The more social media friends and likes I have, the more money I make:

Most social media connections are not really ‘fans’, mostly passers-by. They see a page they like and it costs them nothing to “like it”, so they like it. Unless you know how to build relationships with them and convert them into buying customers, they might not have a direct impact on your career growth. Also not disputing that there will still be a few that will patronize you without much convincing.

  1. I am great, all I need now is to be discovered:

The world is packed with amazingly talented people. Far less than 5% will ever rise to the top and become a superstar. There are lots of reasons for this, and so getting discovered is ultimately the end product of hard work, right place at the right time and of course, the right connections all coupled with your great talent.

Starting a music career doesn’t automatically make you a star, you have to go through the procedure to succeed. You should also be aware that social media views can also be misleading sometimes where you end up confusing social media numbers for streaming numbers. To generate income from your content, you need to understand that the number of views you get on social media doesn’t necessarily guarantee the number of royalties you get out of it.

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YouTube or Vevo: What’s the difference?

YouTube or Vevo: What’s the difference?

Are you planning a new music video release and don’t know the best platform to upload to between Youtube and Vevo? Wondering if there’s a difference between Youtube and Vevo & which is the better of the two? Also not sure which of these platforms is more user-friendly, then this article is for you. In it, we’d be highlighting some of the most striking differences between YouTube and Vevo.

Without mincing words, the major difference between YouTube and Vevo is that; there is no limit to the type of content you can upload on Youtube. i.e. YouTube’s content doesn’t necessarily have to be a musical content. However, Vevo is solely for musical content.

Here are some key differences between YouTube and Vevo:


  • Total ability to quickly and easily manage all parts of your channel at any time.
  • Easy access to your uploads and also take down videos quickly.
  • The ability to view, analyze and report your channel’s analytics is also guaranteed.
  • You also have the opportunity to interact with your YouTube fans through likes, comments, and messages.


  • For Vevo, you cannot update channel yourself, but you can have some files like your artist image, channel banner, social media links, a trailer video and other important contents updated through your distributor.
  • Vevo makes you look more “legit” as an artist, although it doesn’t guarantee more exposure, but has more potential to go viral.

We hope that this article has cleared up the key differences between YouTube and Vevo, and will give you the direction you need when planning to release your next music video.

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‘NEVER ENTERTAIN SELF-DOUBT’... When it comes, You Scale Through Like a Champion with These Steps

‘NEVER ENTERTAIN SELF-DOUBT’… When it comes, You Scale Through Like a Champion with These Steps

As a musical artist, it’s almost impossible to enjoy a victory run without facing a challenge or two every once in a while; just like in every other endeavor, facing challenges in your music career is unavoidable. These challenges can occur during the process of putting out a particular project, acceptability, resources or even your health. In a very competitive music business, these challenges can be really exhausting – even to the point of hopelessness, DOUBT and loss of interest in pursuing your musical dreams…but just as there are challenges, there are also layouts and solutions. Here are a few solutions that can help you overcome self-doubt:

Be your own superhero and NEVER ENTERTAIN SELF-DOUBT. If your self-image is positive it can give you the confidence to scale through any life or career threatening hurdle. On the flipside, self-doubt destroys all your esteem and potentials. The key is ‘Think positively about your abilities and always stay optimistic’… If you don’t believe in your abilities, chances are, you’ll keep giving out negative vibes that attract all forms of criticism and rejection.

HAVE A DAILY SUCCESS ROUTINE. Your daily success routine is those things that help you motivate yourself daily. It can be reading, observing your quiet time or whatever… Just take time out to observe your rituals to keep yourself hyped up on a daily.  Among the many other benefits to this, it also serves as a great psychological boost that enhances your performances.

FUEL YOUR PASSION. While learning to derive joy from what you do, make it a point of duty to always fuel your passion for your hustle. There’s no need to dwell on How to fuel your passion (We hope to do that in another post) but Why you should. For this one, it’s your passion that keeps you going especially when the hustle isn’t yet paying and you need to make sure it NEVER dies.

MAKE PLANS AND BE DELIBERATE ABOUT THEM: There’s nothing more fulfilling than being on purpose, creating a plan and achieving it. To succeed in this, you need to be very deliberate with your action and intentions. Focus and reflect on your purpose to the point where your every endeavor in your career is moving you one step closer to your goal; that’s when you win.

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It is true that there are myriad of artists and records out there that are constantly rocking the airwaves, yet without a clear-cut message or reasonable lyrics. It is also true that there are countless records out there that the instrumentals alone are enough music to the listeners. However, music is more dynamic than just jumping into a studio and just vibing to the beat. Music creation is a process that often times, starts even before you get into the studio. It is an EXPERIENCE that can be narrated as a STORY…

The good news is that everyone has a story to tell, no matter how uninteresting it might seem. What makes your story appealing or not depends largely on how you narrate it. Even if it’s just some press attention or simply to connect on a deeper level with your fans, your story matters. One of the essences of sharing your experiences is that; it gives your fans Closure .i.e. it lets them ‘behind the scenes’ of your artistic life.

Often times, the fans as well as the press, want to know what makes you stand out. They want to know how you live, where you live and all sorts of weird info… (that’s not to say you must dislodge this info, except you are obliged to). The point is, make them feel like a part of your story… It goes a long way in growing and sustaining an influential brand.

Another way is to let them into your Creative Process. Your awesome voice and catchy melodies might just not be enough to keep your audience sometimes hence you should be able to build a story around your creative process – what influences your music, your studio sessions, and experiences, your video ‘behind-the-scene’ etc. All these factors all combine to keep your fans up-to-date with your creative process and helps them relate better to your music.

It’s easy for members of the audience to have a wrong impression about your music every once in a while, so it is left for you to correct such impressions and that can be done mainly through your story.