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IGTV: What You Need To Know


As a way to celebrate its recent 1 billion user milestone, Instagram has launched its own video application known as “Instagram TV” or IGTV for short. This app is a platform for content creators to share their contents with their audience. Of course, it can be utilized for both personal and commercial purposes.

Some of the unique features of the app include the ability for users to upload long-form videos (up to one hour) that don’t disappear even after 24 hours. This affords users enough time for their audience to see their content(s) as well as more room for expression and creativity. Secondly, videos are uploaded in full screen and vertical formats i.e. fit perfectly to smartphone screens. Also, the app starts playing videos the second the app is opened – just like an actual television but with the option of ‘video search’. It is worthy of note that all IGTV accounts are linked to a corresponding Instagram account meaning that all your Instagram followers can view your IGTV channel directly.

USAGE: It could be used from your Instagram account or you could download the IGTV app. To get started with your Instagram app, ensure the Instagram app on your smartphone is updated. On the top right corner of the app, you’d see the IGTV avatar, click on it. From there, click on the ‘Settings’ symbol and create your channel. Once your channel is created, you can go back to the home page and upload your first video. To use IGTV directly from the dedicated app, first, you need to download the IGTV app from the App Store or from Google Play. Sign up to the IGTV app (if you’re already logged in to your native Instagram account it will automatically use your profile). Click on the settings gear icon in the right-hand corner, and then click “create channel”. Once you create the channel, you are in.

MONETIZATION: Currently, ads are not showing on the app. However, possibilities for monetization shouldn’t be ruled out. Keep an eye out for potential opportunities.

ADDED TIPS: When uploading, your video should be full screen, vertical and between 15 seconds -1-hour long. You have the capability to add a ‘Swipe Up’ call-to-action and include custom thumbnails. Your videos should be in Mp4 format and the thumbnail/image file type should be in JPG format. You can watch your videos from either your Instagram account or from the IGTV app.

There are benefits musicians and content creators can enjoy on the IGTV app. It affords musicians/content creators the opportunity to share teaser videos, music videos, behind-the-scenes, performance footage and more. Once you select your content, you have the ability to edit the title and description and decide whether or not you’d like it to be visible on your other social platforms.